Relocation, tax reduction & freedom made easy

Nomadism isn’t easy. Moving your life to a foreign country is even more difficult. We know from experience.

If you want expert guidance on your mission to improve your quality of life, optimize your taxes, and become most free you can possibly be, Freedom Files has you covered.

1:1 freedom mentorship

Whether you’re already there or it’s a dream, moving abroad is damn hard. 

So are reducing your taxes, learning another language, making local connections, and becoming a resident (or even a citizen) in a foreign country.

But you can solve those challenges with the right plan in place. Hundreds have leaned on us – Relocation experts from North America who’ve lived and thrived in foreign countries.

Most people sign up for mentorship consultations to get opinions and recommendations on the following questions:

  • How do I reduce my taxes?
  • How do I find a remote job?
  • How can I get another citizenship?
  • How do I learn another language fast?
  • How do I guarantee my safety abroad?
  • How can I stay long-term in X country?
  • Which region or country is best for me?
  • How do I become a resident or citizen of X country?


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Moving abroad, reducing your cost-of-living and taxes, and becoming more free has never been this easy.

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You never know before you go...


Relocate to your dream destination

We get it – The idea of investing time, energy, and capital into a foreign country (let alone, a developing world country) is a scary proposition. It was for us too.

But by surrounding ourselves with the international experts at their craft, we’ve created a seamless, scam-less, stress-less process for our clients to buy real estate, to get a visa, to obtain permanent residence or even citizenship, or to relocate their lives abroad.

One thing we’ve learned – Finding the right people to help you achieve your goal is tough. Most lawyers, realtors, and other self-proclaimed experts will stress you out, if not scam you.

That’s why we’ve invested in a team of experts in each country we do business – to make sure you achieve your goal of becoming more free.

From darkness to light

Location freedom is near

I started an online business, lived in 10 countries, learned a new language, bought international real estate, and got residency in Latin America – all within 2 years.

It’s possible! I made a checklist to help you live your relocation dream. 

I’ll send it to you ASAP. Just fill out the form below.