Learn to move abroad, reduce your taxes,
& become free in 10 minutes a week.

Learn to move abroad,
reduce your taxes,
& become free
in 10 minutes a week.

Join 1,066 others learning how to work and earn online, travel the world, and live their free life. Plus, get our 3-phase freedom checklist for free.

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How free are you?

Closed travel routes. More and higher taxes. Forced medical procedures. Frozen bank accounts. Social media censorship. More government regulations.

A lot has happened in the last five years. And most freedom-minded people would say the trend is negative.

But this is general. The question for you is …

Are you more or less free than you were five years ago? 🤔

For millions of people around the world, the answer to that question is a resounding no. What about you?

Are you stuck in a miserable, in-person, 9-to-5 job that feels like jail cell?

Do you work for a boss and a corporation who don’t have your best interests at heart, who raise your salary by 5% every year and think they deserve a pat on the back?

Do you live in a gray, unwalkable city that doesn’t make you feel healthy and happy?

Is your central bank inflating your currency to hell? Are they skyrocketing cost-of-living and prices everywhere you look?

Is it impossible for you to save money?

It’s easy to think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel…

Freedom feels out-of-reach

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I can’t find a remote job

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I pay way too much in taxes

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I don’t know the right location for me

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I don’t know how to build income streams

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I am a digital nomad but want a homebase

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I don’t know how to invest in another country

So that’s why we created the Freedom Files:

To prove to you that, yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
And we’ll show you how to reach it.

The goals are simple

To help freedom-minded people like you gain control and build the sovereign lifestyle they so desperately crave.


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Start an online business

Start an online business


Learn another langauge

Learn another langauge

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Take advantage of geoarbitrage

Take advantage of geoarbitrage




Income streams

Establish multiple income streams

Establish multiple income streams


Open offshore bank accounts

Open offshore bank accounts

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Get another citizenship

Get another citizenship

Reduce your tax liability

Reduce your tax liability

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Become a sovereign individual

Become a sovereign individual

What to expect


Phase one — Detachment

Welcome to the most exciting, foundational period of your freedom journey.

Phase one is your first steps toward location independence and generational wealth. More complex steps await you later…

✅  Start an online business
✅  Dedicate yourself to continuous learning
✅  Learn another language
✅  Grow your international network
✅  Geoarbitrage

Most individuals work a 9-to-5 job, trading time for money. Let’s get this straight – That’s a bad trade. You’ll learn this quickly.

But most won’t do anything about it.

But you’re not most people. No. You’re a liberty-minded, future sovereign individual.

So you’ll take matters into your own hands, start your own business, and begin your journey to complete freedom.

Phase One Freedom Files
Phase Two Freedom Files


Phase two — Search

Once you’ve successfully detached yourself from a single authority, the second phase of sovereignty begins. 

Nomadism is the first step in testing out your internationalized life. You can’t knock life in Buenos Aires or Bangkok until you try it. Right?

✅  Test life in different cities, countries, regions
✅  Invest in a international real estate
✅  Establish multiple income streams
✅  Get another residency permit
✅  Open offshore, international bank accounts

Above are the building blocks for a more diversified, international lifestyle.

Even if the proverbial excrement hits the fan and markets tank, you sleep well at night knowing you’re safe and secure.

Freedom is about optionality and living your best life – not running away from your worst.


Phase three — Freedom

The final phase of your sovereignty journey has commenced. Now that you’ve started to diversify and reduce risk in your life.

You’re nearly 100% location independent. But your sovereignty goal remains…

✅  Establish multiple international bases
✅  Set up multiple international businesses
✅  Get another citizenship & passport
✅  Invest in international markets
✅  Optimize your tax situation

Wealth is asset growth. Sovereignty, on the other hand, also includes liability protection. Maximizing the upside while preventing downside.

Once you’ve built wealth and become location independent, you have to make sure you diversify away of any risk – antagonist governments, corporations, and other authorities.

Stay one step – or more – ahead of your enemies.

Phase Three Freedom Files

Location freedom is near

I started an online business, lived in 10 countries, learned a new language, bought international real estate, and got residency in Latin America – all within 2 years.

It’s possible! I made a checklist to help you live your relocation dream. 

I’ll send it to you ASAP. Just fill out the form below.