Remote job hunting made easy: 6 tips for location independence in 2024

TL;DR — If you want to live abroad, reduce your taxes and cost of living, and travel year-round, steal these 6 tips to find and secure a high-paying, location-independent remote job.

There’s no question I get more frequently than how to get a remote job that allows you to work and earn dollars online.

But since I’m an entrepreneur, I haven’t tested the labor market in a decade. I don’t know how hard it really is.

So I’ve pulled in some advice from an expert — BowTiedBull, a collection of ex-Wall Street bankers, analysts, and owners of a top Substack (90,000 subscribers!).

They wrote a 60-page report called Acquiring $200K+ Out of School and Surviving AI, in which they detail how to secure a high-paying remote job and avoid obsolescence.

I’ve read the report (yeah 😅) and distilled their main points in finding and securing a remote job to the following 6 tips… Here we go!

6 tips to find a high-paying remote job in 2024

Before applying

Stay updated on trends & improve your hard/soft skills

Stagnation is the enemy, not only in finding a new job, not only in online business, but in life too. When you look back at yourself from two years ago, what’s changed? Hopefully a lot.

BowTiedBull recommends the following to make sure you avoid stagnation and remain at the top of every hiring manager’s list:

  • Continuously improve your skills — Take online courses or certifications to stay up-to-date with (or ahead of) industry standards. Follow news sites, newsletters, and thought leaders in your industry to stay informed too.
  • Focus on both your hard and soft skills — Soft skills (e.g. communication, hitting deadlines) are just as important than, if not more important than, technical skills (e.g. coding, web design). Don’t ignore either.
  • Adapt to changes — The companies you’ll eventually interview with want to know that you’re flexible and willing to adapt when the time (or new tech) comes. “AI was a nuclear bomb on education, but people are more worried about automation.”

To increase your value in the job market, you have to stay up-to-date with trends, new technology, and news in the industry. The more advanced you are, the more you can speak the jargon, the more influence you can potentially have, the more likely you’ll get hired.


Lean on your network & referrals

With more experience in your industry, your network of influential and connected people should grow.

If you don’t yet have a robust network of contacts, make this a priority. Join professional associations and groups, attend events, speak at gatherings, etc. Just these small actions increase your luck surface area (credit Sahil Bloom) by multiples.

The more people you meet, the more opportunities you’ll open yourself up to. Leverage your relationships with them to reach out, learn about openings, and get referrals.

Remember most tech companies incentivize their employees to refer new employees with referral bonuses. Companies are far more likely to hire someone “in-network” who comes recommended by a trusted employee than a complete stranger no one knows anything about.

Use this to your advantage 😉

As I said earlier, I’ve never applied to a single job in my life. Every single opportunity I’ve had has been through connections and my network. Do not ignore the power of relationships.


Optimize your resume using AI

This is tablestakes. If you don’t have a resume that stands out and you apply to remote jobs through some online platform, you have about 2-3 seconds to grab the recruiters’ (or AI’s) attention.

Something in your resume must jump out at them and make them say, “Oh wow!”

For each job application you submit, customize your resume for what the job description calls for. Make yourself relevant. Example: They need someone who’s more technical than normal? Edit your experience for the more technical roles and projects you’ve had.

AI is your friend. Use ChatGPT or Claude to help you customize each application for the job at hand and automate repetitive tasks like resume submissions and follow-ups.

Don’t think you have to do all this by your lonesome. Work smart.

Find & apply to targeted companies

When it comes to who to apply to, BowTiedBull has you covered:

“Tech is freedom. Getting into FAANG? Multiple chances. Hiring year-round. Don’t get in? Still work fewer hours for higher pay as you become more experienced because you are paid based on knowledge, not hours.”

Essentially, target tech companies who offer remote positions and who’ve invested in their remote infrastructure.

And, to increase the likelihood of both getting interviews and securing a job you enjoy, take a high volume approach. BowTiedBull suggests tools like Sly Apply for mass applications.

Invest more time and energy in the applications for companies you are particularly interested in. For many people, these may be FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, and other big tech companies that pay well).

And how do you find these companies?

Volume and targeting! Hit them both.


In general, you have to be exceptional at what you do in order to secure a remote job. People want freedom and location independence. Meaning remote jobs are far more competitive than in-person ones.

Remote jobs trending flat or down

Plus, according to this graph, the number of remote jobs has peaked and may even be declining as organizations want employees back in the office or at least, hybrid.

Therefore, you really have to show up to play. Your resume, your communications, your abilities and experiences – You have to impress your target companies immediately upon meeting them.

Same goes for your interviews:

Prepare for remote job interviews

The more at-bats (interviews) you get, the more you’ll improve, and the more likely you’ll receive offers.

BowTiedBull’s philosophy here is, again, to aim for volume in order to gain valuable interview experience. Practice common questions that most organizations ask, test and practice your answers, and improve each and every time.

Of course, you want to show these companies that you’re a good fit for their open role. How do you do that? First, understand what they’re looking for. Do they need you to be a thinker or doer? Do they need you to be a good communicator or are your hard skills more important?

Whatever the answers are to those questions – Show them in your interviews. Know the responsibilities of the role you applied for and mold your answers in a way that makes them think you’re the perfect fit.

Fully understand your target companies

For some reason, way too many people skip this step. Of course, you should know who your target company is and what their goals are.

You can only learn so much online about the inner workings of the company, so before your interview, don’t hesitate to reach out to your hiring manager or other employee to understand what their long-term vision and culture is.

At the very least, know the company’s niche, customers, products, and services. This will help you tailor your application and your interview answers to what they’re looking for.

Having a basic understanding of that target company’s ideal customer profile (ICP), BowTiedBull says, is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and their target market. Especially for a role in sales or marketing.

6 tips to find a high-paying remote job in 2024

If you want mobility, if you want to live abroad, if you want to reduce your taxes and cost of living, if you want to live in a better climate, this is the best way to get hired for a remote job in 2024.

Remember, volume and targeting!

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